TikTok Lite For PC (Windows & MAC) Download Free

TikTok Lite For PC (Windows & MAC) Download Free

As we all know that these days people are using social media. The number of using social media is increasing day by day. During this lockdown, social media is serving entertainment. Like Facebook, Insta, Whatsapp are some well know applications. Nowadays there is a new application in the market that is TikTok.

Tiktok is used by millions of people. On this plate from you can make short videos of 15 seconds. As you can only make 15 seconds videos, this makes it great for a short time of fun.

There are other various apps similar to TikTok like Hago, Vigo, etc. But there is no comparison between these rivals. There are some issues with the original app of TikTok. This app is very heavy and it faces difficulties to cope with low budget mobile phones.

So keeping this thing in mind they have launched the lite version of this TikTok. In Tiktok lite you can do all stuff in which you can perform the original app.

Features of Tiktok lite

Very first thing is that you should know what is TikTok. This app helps people to show their talent in various fields like comedy, singing, dancing, etc. you can post short videos. Just like Instagram here people follow you they like your content.

No copyright on music

Every type of music is available on TikTok and it is free. You can use this music to make your video more beautiful. Many other clips are also available like you can use any dialogues of films and serials. this all is available for free. you don’t have to pay a single penny for using songs and dialogues, Unlike youtube where there is a copyright strike.

Small in size

TikTok Lite is very small in comparison to its original app. Size of TikTok Lite is only 70 MB so if you any space problem in your cell phone you must try it everything is the same on this app. This app is specially made for the old and low budget mobile phones which are facing difficulties while using the original TikTok app.

No need for searching videos

When every you visit Tiktok lite there is a home page that shows video and you just have to swipe up to go on the next video. Every video is not more than 15 seconds. So for Short time fun its good to watch some videos. This shows videos on behalf of your interest.

You can say that this app tracks your behavior and show videos related to it. these features make it highly addictive.

You can make videos

On TikTok Lite you can also make your videos there are many filters available.  Every day there is a new trend on this platform. This will help you in gaining followers and likes which makes your video trending.

You can also use various other features available as you can also control the speed of video whether you want it in slow motion of fast phase. But we compare it to the Original app then some features are missing.

works on slow speed

Whenever we use apps of this kind of good internet speed is required. Because the size of videos is large as the camera is increasing so to have a smooth experience you need high-speed internet. But on the other hand, the videos on TikTok like are compressed which will help you stream videos without any problem.

Not on the Internet speed Lite app also required less battery than the original TikTok app. So if you are a person who saves the internet data and battery then you should must this app once.

Now let’s discuss some Pros and Cons of TikTok Lite.

  • Size of app is very small
  • Everything is similar to the original app
  • Works on slow speed internet.
  • Uses fewer data in comparison to the original app
  • It uses less battery power
  • The app is highly addictive
  • Some features are missing in comparison to The original version
Ways to install TikTok on PC

Tiktok lite is also capable of working up with PC you just have to install some external software which will help your pc to change from window to andriod whenever you want. you can use 2 Softwares like Bluestack and For Nox. These both are called emulators. These two are best so we only considered these options.

For Nox

The very first thing you have to go to the official site of For Nox in order to download the setup of the software. You just have to click on the download button.

After downloading install For Nox and launch it.

when you open For Nox you will see the icon of Playstore

Click on the play store and download TikTok lite. Now the icon TikTok will appear there and you are ready to enjoy this on your PC.


This is one of the best emulator which you can use in comparison to any other. I personally use this for basic stuff and also playing games like pubg and others.

If you want to download Bluestack you have to go to the official site of Bluestack which help you to download this software by just one click.

After download runs the setup. Be sure to connect to the internet because This will download some files of around 500mb.

When Installation is complete launch the app. Now you will see an icon of the play store embedded in it.

Open the icon and search for TikTok lite then download it.

After it, an icon of TikTok lite will appear go and enjoy it.


TikTok Lite is especially mad for a person who can not afford priced mobiles. Cheap mobiles have less features less processing speed and low memory space. So keeping this thing in mind they have designed this app.

Which is way too smaller and lite than the original version. Some people have a high-end phone but internet speed is limited in their area. So this app can smoothly work on those remote areas.

This app is good for fun but this app is highly addictive so you must be aware while using this app. You can find every type of content and many types of challenges so Think before watching and doing them. They can be dangerous at some point.

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