Download TeaTV Apk 9.9r Latest Version – Free HD Movies & TV Series

Download TeaTV Apk 9.9r Latest Version - Free HD Movies & TV Series

TeaTV APK Download: Nowadays a lot of people have already ditched the traditional Cable TV connections and shifting towards online streaming services. At this point, it’s safe to say that the majority of the people prefer to watch their favorite Movies and TV shows on streaming platforms.

Earlier, you had to sit in front of the Television for hours, sacrificing your daily work schedule, only to watch your favorite TV show episode or Movie with advertisements. Streaming services are known for offering convenience and the ability to watch your favorite content from anywhere, that’s the prime reason as to why streaming services are so successful in today’s date.

As you may already know, most of the streaming platforms that are available these days aren’t free. Therefore, it’s really hard to choose a reliable streaming service provider especially in a highly saturated market and not to mention the hefty rentals that you have to pay every month to use the service.

Fortunately, there are a handful of free streaming apps that lets you stream Movies and TV shows for free on your device. Today, in this article, we’ll be showcasing a free streaming app called Tea TV.

About Tea TV Apk – Is It Really Free?

Tea TV is quite a popular app in the relative market with thousands of users from all around the world. The App is free from geo restrictions and doesn’t restrict the user from accessing any type of content, therefore, it’s so widely known among Android users.

The fact that you can stream basically any Movie or TV show in the app for free is simply amazing. In addition to this, the app doesn’t require the user to complete sign up or registration to get started.

The functionalities of Tea TV Apk makes it stand out from the crowd, but how is it managing to accomplish all of this without charging anything from the user?

Well, it’s simple, Tea TV doesn’t really store any content on their servers. The App is simply a media search engine tool that crawls through several third party video platforms to fetch the requested content for the user. Therefore, there are no charges or rentals involved for using the Tea TV App on your Android device.

PlatformAndroid, Firesticks, Windows
Size20.68 MB
App Downloads10,00,000+
Last Updated07 Feb 2020

Tea TV Apk Features

Tea TV has incorporated a lot of stuff from various popular streaming service providers to deliver the best and smooth streaming experience to the user. In case if you’re still wondering what makes Tea TV Apk so different than its competitors, then take a look at the below list.

  • Tea TV is a standalone app that doesn’t have any additional setup or installation requirements to get started.
  • You can use your preferred media player to stream the content of Tea Tv App on your device.
  • Vast array of Movies and TV shows are available in almost every category or genre in the app.
  • Ability to stream to change the quality of the stream from HD to SD with just one tap.
  • Find reviews and other trivial information of any Movie or TV show before you begin to watch it.
  • Option to track the Movies and TV show episodes that you have completed watching so far in the app.
  • You also have the option to add custom subtitles of your desired language while watching foreign titles.
  • Minimal number of advertisements to give you an interruption free watching experience on your device.
  • You don’t have to go through the registration process or complete surveys to start streaming in the app.
  • Tea TV comes with a slick looking black coloured user interface and the navigation is super smooth.
  • You will also find trailers and information on various upcoming Movies or TV show seasons in the app itself.

Tea TV is a must try app for all the cinephiles and movie enthusiasts out there. Hopefully, the above list of Tea TV Apk features should have given you plenty of reasons to try it out. Now let’s go ahead with the installation process of the Apk.

How To Install Tea TV Apk On Android

Unfortunately, the nature of the Tea TV App doesn’t allow it to be listed in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you cannot download and install the app directly from the App Store on your device. Therefore, you have to follow the below mentioned steps to perform the manual installation of Tea Tv Apk.

Before jumping into the installation process, you have to first enable “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources” to install the Apk files on your device. Just open up the Settings App-> Go to Developer Options-> Look for “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources” option and toggle it.

  1. Go ahead and click on the link to download the Tea TV App in the Apk file format on your device.
  2. Open up your File Manager to find the Apk or simply Tap on the download from the drop down menu.
  3. Select “Install” whenever shown on your screen to begin the installation process of Tea TV Apk.
  4. Wait for a few seconds for the installation of Tea TV App to finish on your Android device.
  5. Open up the app and allow the required permissions when prompted on your screen.
  6. That’s all, you can now start using the Tea TV App on your device to stream Movies or TV shows!

Tea TV App is completely reliable and doesn’t require the user’s personal information to function. You don’t even need to make use of VPN apps to use Tea TV App. Go ahead and give it a try without any second thought!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tea TV isn’t an official or premium streaming service provider, the android app is still in development stage. Hence, there is a slight chance of running into glitches and bugs in the app. The best way to get rid of minor issues is simply by restarting the app on your device. If you have any queries or doubts about the Tea TV App, then go ahead with the following list.

Q:- How can i get rid of the buffering screen while watching a Movie or TV Show?

A:- if you’re noticing long buffering times, then it’s better to change the streaming source link by going back. Simply hit the back button on your device and choose any other streaming source to watch the Movie or TV show.

Q:- Is it safe to use Tea TV Apk for streaming media content on Android?

A:- As stated earlier in the article, Tea TV isn’t an official distributor of Movies or TV shows. The content you’re seeing in the app is fetched from other sources. The App itself is safe and free from viruses or threats.

Q:- How to update Tea TV Apk to the latest version on Android?

A:- The developers are working on bringing new features and improvements to the app. You will receive an in-app notification whenever there’s an update available. Simply Tap on the notification and the app would be updated.

Q:- How to download Movies or TV shows from Tea Tv App?

A:- Unfortunately, there is no option to download any Movie or TV show from the app at the moment. The feature might be introduced in the near future through updates.


Tea TV Apk is one of the oldest players in the free streaming market with a large user base from all around the world. Despite being a freemium app, it still manages to deliver a great streaming and viewing experience to the user on any device. Furthermore, the Tea TV app is quite small and doesn’t require much resources of your device to function smoothly. Go ahead and give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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