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As we all know that technology is growing day by day. Every day a new gadget and app like Hago and Paytm are launched which makes our life easier and full of fun. The work which takes ours to do is just done in seconds or a click. Like in the old days it takes hours to fill the electricity bill.

As mobile phones have introduced many things have changed. Our life is depended on this stuff. The mobile phone has various features like communication which help us to stay connected with our friends and family.

We humans always make improvements in the devices like at first their java mobiles then android and IOS every system has its own benefits and we are improving till now.

As the new system is coming it allows us access to new software and we are also increasing the new speed of the internet which will help us to connect easily. Nowadays there are other many features like you can play games in various ways. like some are multiplayer games and some are single-player games.

About HAGO

There are various app which allows you to play various games by just downloading a single app. Like MPL and Hago. Hagos main concern is offering multiplayer games in real-time.

Hago is one of the best apps this will help you in various ways. there are many features available on this app you can also earn on Hago.

Hago was developed in China. Around 3 months nobody knows about this app but with the time this app starts getting popularity. This app became the seventh most downloaded app on the play store. There are various reasons after the popularity of this app.

like this help you to earn some money by just playing games. This will offer you to play over 70 multiplayer games and this will also help you in creating new friends and this many features in just one place is the best thing I have ever heard. the offer games are very light and can easily play on slow internet speed.

Multiplayer games

When every you are feeling boor and you need fun. Hago can be the best choice this will offer more than 70 multiplayer games. where you can win coins and trophies. you can choose wheater you want to play it with friends or strangers. Both modes are available. you can also play games with computers thanks to its new update.

The offered games are very lightweight which can work smoothly even on low-speed internet which is a good point. Every game is highly compressed and even the app is of very low size.

Hago is a social site

Hago also serves you as a social site. There are various ways like you can also chat on Hago with you can tease your opponent with emojis and other various things. If you want to be a friend with anyone you can send him a friend request. when he or she accepted your friend request then you can start chatting with him.

so this is why you can say that Hago is a social site also. I’m also very impressed by this feature of the app.

You can earn on Hago

There are two ways of earning money on this app you can earn some by just sharing and when that player will download this app you will automatically earn some coin that will be added to your Hago account.

Another way is to earn through playing the game. For some time some games have offered ongoing and if you full fill the requirements you can earn some real money.

so you can say that this app will not only provide you fun but it will help you earn some. No matter the amount is small but you are getting it for free and why are we leaving anything which we are getting for free.

Ways to download Hago app

Hago is also capable of working up with PC. you just have to install some external software which will help your pc to change from window to android whenever you want. you can use 2 Softwares like Bluestack and For Nox. These both are called emulators. These two are best so we only considered these options.


The very first thing you have to go to the official site of For Nox in order to download the setup of the software. You just have to click on the download button.

  • After downloading install For Nox and launch it.
  • when you open For Nox you will see the icon of Playstore
  • Click on the play store and download Hago. Now the icon Hago will appear there and you are ready to enjoy this on your PC.
  • you can do everything on pc which you can do on your mobile phone.


This is one of the best emulators which you can use in comparison to any other. I personally use this for basic stuff and also playing games like pubg and others.

  • If you want to download Bluestack you have to go to the official site of Bluestack which helps you to download this software by just one click.
  • After download runs the setup. Be sure to connect to the internet because This will download some files of around 500mb.
  • When Installation is complete launch the app. Now you will see an icon of the play store embedded in it.
  • Open the icon and search for Hago then download it.
  • After it, an icon of Hago will appear to go and enjoy it.
  • Now launch Hago and earn some coins and play games in your free time.


Is it safe to use Hago?

Hago is completely safe it is verified by google. this app is the seventh most downloaded app in the play store so google has to check. Every data is in encrypted form so you don’t have to worry about its security.

Does Hago work on pc?

yes Hago works on pc there are various ways to do it but I have told you above that

  •   first download emulator
  •   Then click on the play store icon in the emulator.
  •   Then download Hago from the play store and enjoy it.

Do Hago gives real money?

If you will play games on Hago it will give you some coins which can be converted into cash. like if you invite a player you will get 500 coins and if you win you get 100 coins. which is max in one day.


There are many apps available in this market that allow multiplayer gaming. But no one can stand close to Hago. there is a vast amount of games available here. you can also do chatting and make new friends at any time. one of the very best things is that you can earn money on this app which is a good point.

so if you are found of fun then this will be the best option for you.

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