Bestgram for PC – Laptop And Desktop – Free Download

Bestgram for PC – Laptop And Desktop – Free Download

As we all know that technology is growing day by day and the method of communication is also changing. In the old-time, we use posts after it telegram was introduced and now mobile phones which helps us to talk with people in just sec.

With the help of mobile phones, we can send messages and call someone. As now we have improved technology so we started using social sites. There are enormous amounts of social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Etc. Which you already know, but we are going to show you a new social platform. Which is similar to Telegram and even offers you the best interface than other sites.

What is Bestgram?

There are various application which helps you in sending a message, and same case is with this amazing app called Bestgram. This is a social media site that will help you to connect with people all over the world. the main algorithm of the site is just like the telegram which is a worldwide famous site. Actually, according to me, it thinks that this site is slightly better than telegram it has some additional features.

Bestgram Features

the main feature of the app is to connect people from all over the world and create new relations. With just messages, there are many other features that will help you with more fun. Now in the below paragraphs, we will discuss remaining features that make them different from other social sites.

Archive your private chat.

As we all know there is various type of chat which we don’t want to discuss with anyone else. Like if you have some secret relationship which you don’t have want to revel. but if somebody picks up your phone then you can come into great trouble.

so in this message, you can hide a particular chat that is confidential. So this is why you should try Bestgram once before rejecting it.

Find a person.

Like in other social media apps you can app find a particular person the same is in this. you can also your friend and relative with which you want to chat. So this feature is the same as the other social media sites.

You can choose the theme and font.

this is one of the best things about the app. you can choose a particular theme which is perfect for you rather than just going with one available theme. you can also select the font size which is missing in the sites and apps. This very helps full for all the person who is not able to see.

You can directly jump to the first message

sometimes we just have to jump to the top for finding something in the app. like a photo or phone number or some type of other information so we have to just have to scroll up from the bottom to up. this thing takes to much time and you will also feel irritated. so this is the best feature we can have in messenger.

Profile designer

there is an inbuilt feature in Bestgram which will help you in designing your profile and your profile name which will look beautiful and will attract various people and eventually you will get more friends.

Customize chat

This is a little bit different features from every other site. there are some symbols which are for the tabs and different chat groups. like if you want to directly access chat then just click on the symbol and easily go on that.

Pros and Cons of Bestgram

  • There are various features in comparison to other sites.
  • you can jump directly to the first message.
  • The user interface is better than others.
  • Various types of thems are available
  • various tabs are available
  • Not available on play store

Installing Bestgram on PC

As we all know the Bestgram is usually made fr using a mobile phone, but if you want to use it on a computer you can easily use it there with installation few software. nowhere I’m going to show you the process which is required to full fill in order to use the Bestgram on the computer.

  • As we all know that there are various ways but everyone requires one thing that is an android emulator. You can download anyone there are various but one of the best is Bluestacks.
  • You just have to go to the site of Bluestacks and download it from there with only one click.
  • Afterward, install Bluestacks and this will download some files from. internet around 500 MB. So be sure to have good internet speed.
  • Afterword download Bestgram APK from the third party website, because this is not available on the Play store.
  • When you have downloaded APK of Bestgram then you just have to pick and drop it to the home screen of Bluestacks .

Now you are ready to enjoy the Pc version of Bestgram.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bestgram safe?

IF you ask me this question then I will say that Bestgram is even safer than Telegram and WhatsApp. Every type of data is in encrypted form which difficult to decode. So don’t worry about safety.

Is this available on the play store?

No, this app is not available on play store you have to download it from the third [party website.

Can you call someone?

Yes on this website you can call anyone who has this app installed on his phone. This app also supports computer calling.

How many tabs are available in this app?

there are various things which are use full. which of one is tabs and there are a total of 9 tabs available. which will fulfill your every need.

Final Words

So this is the way how you can get Bestgram for pc, here we explained everything about Bestgram app and how you can install Bestgram On PC for free. All you have to do is just follow the steps provided above in this article and then you will be able to use the bestgram on your computer.

This is the another amazing social media site and app that you can use to connect to more people and you can spend more of your time with amazing people. If you like the article please tell us in comments and also share the article with others so that they can also get benefit from Bestgram.

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